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Why should I become a certified drone pilot?

The FAA does  not allow you to receive compensation for flying a drone unless you are a certified pilot under Part 107.

The use of drones is rapidly becoming common place in business today, here are just a few of the practical applications for drones.

    -Aerial surveying and mapping

    -Agricultural analysis and spraying

    -Film making

    -Building inspection and construction progress

    -Search and rescue operations

    -Power line inspections

    -Damage assessments

    -Real estate photography and videography

What will I learn

Becoming a pilot is much more than learning how to control your aircraft. With Heli-Drone Solutions, you will learn a variety of topics including FAA regulations, airspace, weather forecasts, aircraft performance, and aeronautical decision making; just to name a few.

How will you teach me and how long will it take?

I use a combination of teaching methods to help you learn effectively and efficiently with the assistance of visual aids and hands on experience. Learning is not a process everyone does the same. Your classes will be catered to your individual learning style to ensure success and not to fit some rigid class schedule like my competitors. I do not limit your instruction to a set amount of hours but most people need about 16-24 hours of instruction plus home study to become a certified sUAS (small drone) pilot.

What does it cost?

My normal price is $599 per person which is about 1/2 of what my competitors charge but I am currently offering a special of $399 for a limited time. I encourage you to search around Las Vegas to find personalized one on one instruction even close to this price. 

Where do I teach?

I will teach you wherever you would be most comfortable learning whether thats at your home, office, or someplace else you prefer in the Las Vegas area. I am able to travel outside of Las Vegas with enough advance notice for an extra fee.